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The African remains at the bottom of every peking order despite his academic achievements or
contributions to the world. Looking at the African today, it is hard to imagine that this is the child of the
Kings that once ruled the earth, one whose home is the cradle of civilization, and resides above the
world’s gold and diamond reserves, its minerals, its natural resources. Yet its people remain scattered
around the world, are in constant rivalry, and stand at the queues for handouts? My people perish for
lack of knowledge of who they are. A strategically destructive education remains one of the most
powerful weapons established to maintain the African in a state of mental slavery and under colonial
rule. Until the Lion asserts its authority over the jungle and begins to give its account of the hunt, the
story of the hunt will continue to establish the dominance of the hunter.

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At the heart of all that African Summon does is its mission to provide education on Africa and African
culture. African culture needs to be passed on to the next generation, else in no distant future these
treasures will become legend. As Africans study in foreign institutions of learning, live within foreign
cultures, are taught foreign customs but not theirs, and continue to cultivate a world around them
which is a prototype of the western world, they essentially cultivate a world that is alien to their
heritage. They grow to accept all things foreign as good and all things African as bad.

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Other cultures of the world have been successful at appreciating the beauty of cultural diversity and
establishing standards for coexistence. For African culture to thrive, this should be no different. Any
educational system that teaches of Africa history from the time of the scramble for Africa and ends at
the colonization of Africa, is akin to one which tells the story of a person from the day they were
imprisoned, through their days torture, unto the limitations imposed upon them. Never allowing the
victim to realize they were born free. It is time for Africa to appreciate the power of its languages and
adopt a few as national languages; preserve the tradition of home cooking; understand African sounds
of music and African dance, most of all, understand its customs and traditions and live by them. In this
way alone will Africa represent a unique brand and become a people in possession of an alternative
solution to world crisis.

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The African Summon Education and Cultural Center is a place to challenge the minds of visitors to read
and be empowered to reach for their dreams. It is positioned as a lighthouse for the African sojourner to
find the resources and tools needed to succeed. The center will serve as a resource center to facilitating
research and study, offering African study course programs that focus on subjects like African history,
African dress, African music, and African food, and hosting African dance lessons.

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We invite you to support us to get this center established. Your tax-deductible contribution will help to
secure and equip this center. Kindly email the purchase invoice to
alongside your name and mailing address so that a tax form may be mailed to you.

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