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Education & Culture

Library, Art & Cultural and African Lifestyle



Features an archive of books on African literature, history, geography and

  • Computer center

  • No more excuses. Now you can read and know the truth

  • Explore Africa's musical talent by listening to music

  • Study and research center

  • Screening African movies

View our library catalogue at Click Here

Art & Cultural

  • Africa Art exhibition

  • Visit our center to view our collection of African Art

  • An expression of our past, an embodiment of our significance and the evidence of our future potential

African Style

Dress and makeup center.

Need help dressing African for your event, or dressing a group for an event in African wear? Book a consultation session with our African fashion specialist for advice on what to wear, how to wear it, and for help with getting dressed.

African Style: Book an appointment today (Appointments only/ no walk-in service)


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