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Kid's Book


Title: Mansa Musa

Author: King Ki’el

Year written: 2017

Author’s country of origin: Unknown

Publisher: Urbantoon Pubishing

Year published: 2019

ISBN #: 1698376162

ISBN-13: 9781698376165

Language: English

Number of Copies: 1

Title: The glory of African Kings and Queens Contesting for glory and empire

Author: Pusch Komiete Commey

Volume: 1

Year written: 2012

Author’s country of origin: Ghana

Publisher: Real African Publishers

Year published: 2012

ISBN #: 1502484080

ISBN-13: 9781502484086

Language: English

Number of Copies: 1

Title: How the Leopard Got His Claws

Author: Chinua Achebe

Year written: 1976

Author’s country of origin: Nigeria

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Year published: 2011

ISBIN #: 0763648051

ISBN-13: 9780763648053

Language: English

Number of Copies: 1

Title: English to Twi Bilingual Picture Dictionary (Learn an African Language)

Author: Arielle Phoenix

Year written: 2019

Author’s country of origin: United Kingdom

Publisher: Cyber Phoenix Books Ltd

Year published: 2019

ISBN #: 1673673015

ISBN-13: 9781673673012

Language: English

Number of Copies: 1

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